FAYYE’s earliest memories involve reaching towards piano keys, attempting to work out melodies for herself. “I’m from a family of pianists. And there was something about the resonant fullness of the piano sound that I loved immediately –like playing the orchestra.”


FAYYE’s debut EP draws upon the Classical pieces she grew up playing on piano, the Greek and Irish folk music of her childhood, the 90s Soul and Pop of her teenage years and the London Jazz scene she’s recently discovered. Crafted alongside producer Jack Gourlay at his studio in Stoke Newington, East London, it’s a highly expressive document, matching sonorous neo-classical melodies to adventurous pop settings worthy of London Grammar, Birdy or Bat For Lashes. Sometimes sparse, unadorned, her thoughtfully sculpted melodies match and amplify her lyrics to create an intense, dramatic impact. “I want my music to be slightly arresting, haunting, unexpected in some way. I hope those who listen will find it removes them from their everyday, just for a moment.” 


The inner drama of ‘Devil’s Game’ relates to throwing fortune to the wind, and fully embracing music as an art-form. The bold Jeff Buckley tinged ‘New Age’, meanwhile, is an anthem dedicated to those starting afresh, moving beyond past trauma to immerse themselves in positive change.‘Golden Land’ is a heady, atmospheric treat, while it quietly tells a story about longing for home. ‘She’ was written in the aftermath following the end of a relationship, when feelings of re-gained independence and freedom intertwine with nostalgia and poignancy. 


As an artist, she’s addicted to writing about shared experience. “That’s why I continue to write. So I can bring into being a melody, a thought or a story with which listeners can empathise and apply to their own lives"